Adam Wade Shudder To Think/Jawbox
Adam Weber
Adriano Santos
Alen Konako?lu duman
Aki Hakala The Rasmus
Alexi Rodriguez 3 Inches Blood
Alexis Razon
Ali?an Topalo?lu
Andre Aidian
Andy Korn Ronnie Spector
Andy Robillard GoGoGo Airheart
Arbak Dal Haluk Levent, 4×4
Armando Cabrera De Sol
Asaf Sirkis The Inner Noise
Austin Miller 7eventh Time Down
Ayd?n ?eref gül?en, yol arkada?lar?
Barbara Gruska Inara George / Benji Hughes
Beak Wing
Ben Greeno The Redwalls
Ben Hans
Bill Shupp Gemma Hayes
Billy English Willie Nelson
Bob Meyer JohnAbercrombie / Joe Lovano
Bobby Alt Gents / Street Drum Corps
Brendan Canty Fugazi / Bob Mould
Brian Vodinh 10 Years
Brian Wolf Otep
Brooke Sofferman The Sofferman Perspective
Burak Ersöz Soul Stuff, Ayhan Sicimo?lu and Latin All Stars, Özge F??k?n
Burak Gürp?nar Kurban, Athena
Bülent Akbay Circus
Can Kozlu Bilgi Üniversitesi Müzik Bölümü Kurucusu ve Ba?kan?
Cengiz Baysal Kerem Görsev
Chad Anderson Chad Anderson Quintet
Chad Stewart Stimulator
Chip Moreland Dread Zeppelin
Chris Batton Stronghold
Chris Poudrier umass
Christopher Allis
Christopher Giraldi Trevor Hall / Rachael Yamagata
Chuck Treece
Clayton Hunt Dizmas
Clive Jenner Groove Armada
Coby Linder Say Anything
Craig Waters The Bellrays
Dan Duggins Hotrod Circuit
Dan Monaghan
Dana Murray
Darius Minae
Darryl Pellegrini
David Gentry
Dean Sharp
De’Mar Hamilton Plain White T’s
Deniz Güngör
Derrick Pontier Great White
Do?aç Titiz Zeynep Dizdar
Doni Schroader
Eric Allen Wallace Roney,%20
Ferit Odman Önder Focan, Spin, Donovan Mixon, Lloyd Chisholm
Francis Mark From Autumn To Ashes
Frank Briggs
Franklin Keirmyer
Freddie Berman Amos Lee
Gaetano Nicolosi
George Saccal
George Sluppick Mofro
Güray Gürsoy Malt
Hakan Aç?kal?n
Harris Eisenstadt
Idris Muhammad Ahmad Jamal Trio
James Culpepper Flyleaf
James McAlister Sufjan Stevens
Jarred Ribble Denver & The Mile High Orchesta
Jarrod Alexander
Jason Hamacher / Decahedron Decahedron
Jason Kourkounis Scout Niblett
Jason Reece Trail Of Dead
jean-luc deshayes Independent
Jennings Jacobsen Damon Castillo
Jeremiah Green Modest Mouse
Jeremy Gara The Aracade Fire
Jeremy Vilalobos Wives
Jesper Kristensen
Jess Margera CKY
Jim Stromberg
Joe Beck The Spill Canvas
Joe Dingle
Joe Plummer Blackheart Procession / Modest Mouse
Joe Russo Benevento Russo Duo
Joey Waronker ba??ms?z, Beck ,rem,smashing
John Andrews Tegan And Sara
John Davis
Johnnie Barber
Johnny Udell The Knives
Jon Mattox
Jordan Johns / Sound Team sound team
Joseph Katkowsky The Big Pill
Justin Poree Ozomotli
Justin Stanley Beck / Nikka Costa
Keith Hall Curtis Stigers
Kenny Elliott Natalie Cole
Kliph Scurlock The Flaming Lips
Korcan Ulusoy Ilhan ?e?en/ Metin, Eda Özülkü
Krunoslav Levacic
Lance Lee
Larry Klein
Larry Washington Beatworkz
Manas Itene Spearhead
Mark Esquire Cuca Atzlan
Marcin Jahr Jan “Ptaszyn” Wroblewski/ Indipendent
Mark Guiliana Avishai Cohen / Heernt
Mark Halfon LA Slumlords
Mark Leon
Matt Chamberlain
Matt McDonough Mudvayne
Mehmet Demirdelen üçnoktabir, Teoman
Mert Türkmen Zerrin Özer, ?zel, Özgün, ?skender Payda? Orkestras?,
Nazan Öncel,Kayahan
Michael Iannantuoni
Michael Leasure Edgar Winters
Michael Partlow
Mike Davis
Mike G
Mike McCormack Everybody Else
Mike Rincon Cheating Soccer Mom
Mike Schneider Controlling The Famous
Nate Richardson Appleseed Cast
Ned Brower Rooney
Nick Jett Terror
Nicolas Bastos L’esprit du clan / Deep in hate
Nick Mason
Nicky Bernardi Eyes Of Fire
Omar Abidi Fightstar
Oscar Santiago Ankla
Okan Duman I??n Karaca,Elmac?
Patrick Hallahan My Morning Jacket
Patrick Wiseman Slam Buckra
Paul English Willie Nelson
Paulo Baldi Cake / Les Claypool
Pepe Clarke Magana Ankla
Peter Contarino
Phillip Valdovinos Dumbluck / The Paper Dolls / Independent
Poogie Bell Poogie Bell
Rikard Stjernquist Jagpanzer
Robert Falzano Shatter Messiah
Robin Pirson Independent/Madviolet
Rogerio Jardim
Ronnie McDowell Jr Ronnie McDowell
Roy McCurdy Nancy Wilson / USC
Ronnie Huxford Miss Conduct
Roy McDonald Redd Kross / The Muffs
Ryan Jordan Spoken
Ryan Moran Slightly Stoopid
Ryan Pope The Get Up Kids
Scott Lorenzini Coby Brown
Sertan So?ukp?nar Ogün Sanlisoy
Sinclair Lott
Steven Nistor Daniel Lanois
Steven Williams Bobby Jones Gospel
Terry Baker kirk franklin
Terry Thurston in stereo
Tim Reece The Album Leaf / Via Satellite
Tom Cohen
Tony Lewis
Tony Martucci Edwin McCain
Turgut Alp Beko?lu Telvin, Turgut Alp Beko?lu Trio, Mirkelam, Nilüfer
Utku Ünal Sertab Erener, Chroma Key
Van Williams Nevermore
Will Noon Straylight Run
Willard Dyson

22 thoughts on “Artists

  1. Nick Krueger

    Hi my name is Nick and I am 16 and have been drumming for a little over ten years I can do any type of music a person wants me to do, I play music from pop to death metal and I have used your cymbals many times I used to have one but when I went away for a vacation someone stole some of my cymbals so now I have junkies but I am still a great drummer I am in a band our name is the Devils rejects I also play with many other bands around the state and btw I live in Maine I talk to many drummers around the state and alot of them ask me what is a good cymbal or head and stuff like that so far I really like your cymbals when I say them they just say what do you mean I have never heard of it and I show them what they sound like and they soon like them too. ok but I would like to know if you want to sponsor me I am willing to do whatever at takes I know I am good enough people around the state think I am even one of the best in the state, please take this into consideration it will help me out alot with my career it has always been my dream to be a pro drummer and I am on my way there drumming is my whole life and its all I do I have given up many things for it and I will drum for the rest of my life please consider this and thanks for your time have a great day
    I think ur cymbals are pretty nice for some of the music I play and I love the sound they make

  2. Gabriel Cruz

    Hello my name is Gabriel Cruz

    I was wondering if you had any endorsement deals available, and what
    were the requirements.

    I have around 4 thousand followers in berklee collage of music
    alone, in a place where iv been for only 2 semesters, people that want
    me to do clinics, and even teach them. And all this not counting the
    groups of music i represent now. Im also about to become endorsed by
    los foxy drum sticks because of the same reason. Iv only been in the
    U.S. 10 months and from 0 – 4 thousand followers with just my playing.
    I also do clinics in puerto rico, and i play around with around 3
    different artist in PR. Emmelis escalera an up and coming latin artist
    asked me to record on her album and tour with her on the summer as did
    the Famed Fernando Velu a DJ in puerto rico that is changing the
    Techno scene in PR. Im auditioning for Cique du Soleil in a month and
    am also working out a tour with the famous Puerto Rican Rapper
    Archangel. My professors are well known as well, people like Mike
    Mangini, Ricardo Monzon, Skip Hadden and next semester Dave Discenso.
    I even played as Hilary Clintons official band when she campaigned in
    PR. I have played in 3 live music plays with over 3 thousand each
    people. I have also been called “the new approach” to latin drumming.
    I could demonstrate my abilities personally of given the chance.
    Although i have a few non recent videos in the link i posted.

    I chose your company because it projected individual care for their
    artist. Actual interest and dedication. I also learned about your company after
    reviewing the modern drummer website and basically going one by one in
    the companies and choosing the one that i thought would be right for
    me, one that we could both benefit from. I know this can be a mutual
    opportunity, and i think i am fit to give you the promotion at a high
    level of professionalism, i would not only wear your name as my
    banner but really try and make it a success for us. I dont see it as,
    you receive something then i receive, we would be a team in which i
    would want both of us to grow and become even more successful.

    On another note. I am also a film scorer, and in that sense i am
    pretty well known for my age. I am currently working on a multimillion
    dollar film called Atico , no small stuff. So even though i am on the
    way of becoming a well known artist in the drums i am pretty well
    known as a film scorer already. I also worked for the Creator of the
    tv show Friends, Kevin Bright. So my name will be in the spot light a
    lot. and when people research me they would find your name their too.

    Im known by my artist name : Sky Cruz

    More info:

    I did a Sky Cruz ( my artist name ) recital in which the turn out
    was around 3900 people show. Im about to create a official fan page
    now but i only try and keep my friends in my Facebook page. In the
    link before you will see videos and pictures of my music shows, i also
    have pictures when i played for people like Hilary Clinton Etc… I
    have to get back to you on the specific dates as i still dont know
    them my self and i know our first show is in “El boricua, july 9th
    then the 10th in “Taller C” after that we have gigs in different clubs
    2 times a week every week till august 28 ( the last tour date ). We
    also have 3 weeks of studio sessions with Emmelis Escalera startiting
    may 18th and 2 weeks of recording sessions with Fernando Velu starting
    hune 19th and he is still working out a tour for next summer. Im also
    working out a deal with Paco Ramos the manager of the rapper Archangel
    to see if i go on tour with them in the spring. 2011. I also have 3
    clinics, in San antonio on october 29, in Thanks giving week and in
    christmas break in Casa Cuba on Dic 20th.

    I have not done instructional videos although i had around 5 students
    back in puerto rico before i moved to the USA. I would have no problem
    teaching though, im a well rounded musician, i can read music, charts,
    I work on rudiments, and actual technique, not just the gigging part
    of drums.

    P.S. Here is a video of the artisit im touring with doing radio
    appearances etc.

    In the mist of all this ill also be scoring for the film Atico. From
    may 8th to june 8th. the release date is still being decided.

    I will send you reference from the director if you would like.

    Thank You

  3. Anthony Ward

    Hello, i’m Anthony “Animal” Ward a christian/gospel/neo-soul drummer. I am 19 years of age and i have been playing since i was 3yrs old. I have graced the stage with plenty of popular gospel/neo-soul artist. i have tours and appointments this summer but i am not endorsed by a drum company at this time and i am very interested in your products and would like to send you a endorsement press kit so, please e-mail me with any info

  4. Ben Clarke

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    Thank you for taking the time to review my mail. Over the past eight
    months my drumming career has taken a considerable step forward, and I
    am currently looking to form relationships with companies who possess
    the experience and skills required to maintain and increase this

    Obviously a factor in my desire to build these relationships is the
    necessity to curb some of the incremental costs that have rapidly
    increased along with my work load. However, my main interest is the
    opportunity to benefit from the advice, support and expertise of
    industry professionals such as yourselves, as I embark upon these
    exciting new challenges.

    Perhaps you could you send me an e-mail address to which I could forward
    a press pack? Amongst working with many other artists, I am currently
    the drummer for the Meteor award-winning band Amasis. With Amasis I will
    be playing numerous dates around Ireland and the UK over 2010, including
    summer festivals such as Oxygen and a Mainstage slot at the Milk
    Festival with Alexandra Burke. If you wish to know more about the Bands’
    tour schedule, press history and future / previous releases, I can put
    the acts’ management in touch with you?

    Thank you for taking the time to read this mail.

    Yours sincerely,
    Ben Clarke.


  5. Andrew Pottruff

    To whom it may concern,
    I am playing with a band that is fairly large in Ontario, and is continuing to grow.
    The band’s name is In Ambush, and can be found at, Inambush is also endorsed by Traynor amps, Snap Jack Cables, and Knucklehead Strings. In Ambush, formerly named “Grindstone.”
    In Ambush is in the process of recording their second studio album, soon to be released. The first album, “Seeds of Paranoia” was a massive hit, and sold over 1,000 copies. Since then, In Ambush has continued to grow and has multiple show dates booked in the upcoming months in front of multiple A & R representatives.
    I was wondering if we could perhaps look into a potential endorsement with Alchemy? Please email me back and let me know either way.
    Thank you.

  6. David Nguyen

    Dear Alchemy Co,

    I am very most interested in your company through other artists that you have sponsored. My name is David Nguyen and I have an unfailing
    passion for drums. I live, eat and breath drums. I cant imagine what I would be like if I didnt play drums. I am 18 and my hometown is Tampa, Florida..U.S. I am currently an independent drummer but had many offers to join in bands. I started late and am not gonna lie but been only playing for a year, I wish had been drumming from a young age. But anyway my skills, ability and talent can be so easily compared to a 4-6 years drummer. I learn so easily and quick its just so natural to me. I can drum to any genre of music. Other drummers are shocked and amazed by my style of playing, especially when I am jamming for people in Guitar Center (Music Center) and have been advised to join in the Guitar Center – Drum Off 2010 and most likely will. The reason I e-mailed you this is that any type of deal or sponsorship from you guys would be a blessing and mad cool and will have a jump start on my drumming career. I am a one of kind drummer and bring uniqueness when I play. But mostly inspiring others too. I have attached a photo of myself and if anything else is needed please tell me. I hope to contribute to Alchemy Cymbals and get a response from you guys!
    E-mail: or Cell: 813-766-9459

  7. Zack

    Quick question which model ride does matt from Mudvayne play I can’t find it anywhere and love its sound. Thanks

  8. Parker Mullinix

    I’m a drummer in a band and I love the sound of your cymbals! I was wondering If I could get some of your cymbals by getting sponsored! We are really low on money but we love play music and hope to get far with it. We have a demo on our myspace but it does not really show all my fills in the song because it was a bad recording.
    Thanks so much!
    I really hope to hear back from you!

  9. David Stielper

    Hello Alchemycymbals-Team,
    My name is David Stielper.I´m from germany and at the moment I´m looking for a cymbal endorsement.I´m an artist of the company”Handmade Custom Drum”.
    My band is called “Good Weather Forecast”. This year my band plays about 50 shows in whole europe. Good Weather Forecast exists about 2 years and is a young band. I´m the youngest member with 17 years.
    In my spare time I also give drum lessons.
    I´m interseted to be a Alchemycymbals-Artist, because I prize the individual sound of handmade cymbals.
    If you´re interested, please check out the band homepage:

    Yours sincerely,
    David Stielper

  10. Gio Hernandez

    My name is Giovanni Hernandez. I am in a band called She Waves The Flag from Fremont, CA. We are a Rock/Hardcore/Metalcore band that has been together for almost three years and has come a long way. I am emailing you, because I am very interested in becoming endorsed by you guys I have heard many great things about Alchemy Cymbals, and I always been interested. I am nineteen years old and have been playing drums for eight years. I was self taught for six years and then took lessons with Ronnie Beck(ex drummer for Tower of Power) I have been taught many great things from him and have been given the privilege of giving out lessons myself. I have played at least a hundred shows with this band. My band has two EP’s released, “This Is How We Sink”, was released in October of 2010 and Nevermind the Ash, Blood, and Glass”, was released just this month(April 2011). We recently got endorsed by PFIZIPFEI Clothing Wear from Germany. We are touring this June(the cities we’ll be touring will be posted below). I hope to hear from you soon and hope to become part of the Alchemy Cymbal family:) I am willing to do whatever it takes! I will post a link of our facebook, myspace and a video of how our shows go:




    Bay Area, CA
    Sacramento, CA
    Salem, OR
    Vancouver, WA
    Boise, ID
    Salt Lake City, UT
    Denver, CO
    Albuquerque, NM
    Phoenix, AZ
    Los Angeles, CA

  11. Jonathan Ortiz

    Greetings friend,
    My name is Jonathan Ortiz, I’m a 26 year old drummer currently based in San Juan, Puerto Rico. I am DEEPLY interested in Alchemy Cymbals and am seeking an endorsement/musician’s deal with your company. My desire is to represent Alchemy here in Puerto Rico, throughout the Caribbean, and anywhere else the music may take me.

    I began my drumming career in 2001. Over the last 10 years I’ve quickly become one of the most influential local drummers locally, and have had the opportunity to lend my talents to several bands and ensembles of all styles and genres. In 2004, I helped form Puerto Rico’s premiere Prog-Metal act, Errant Society. Blending the aggressive drumming style of thrash-metal with odd-time progressive concepts, I became a key player in crafting the signature sound and presence that allowed us to open for Symphony X in May 2007. Moving forward, I began formally studying music at the InterAmerican University of Puerto Rico whilst joining local groups Soteria and After Omega. My contribution to these groups, combined with an infectious/energetic stage presence, a kind personality, a thirst for knowledge, and an urge to share my passion, opened the door for a teaching position at the church, Cristo Reina. This proved to be one of the most rewarding times of my career as I was able to influence the young drummers of the local rock/metal scene of today, who even at this present time view me as their mentor.

    I decided to take a step towards the North and headed to Hartford, CT. Before long I became the house drummer for Sully’s Pub and Black Eyed Sally’s. It was here that I was being seen 3 nights a week every week, over the course of two and a half years. Providing the backbone for guitarist Pete Schieps (and occasionally joined by Big Al Williams), we played everything from Classic Rock, Jazz Standards, Reggae, House, Dub-Step, Drum ‘n Bass, Folk, Ethnic, Psychedelic Rock, Latin, Bossa Nova, Samba, and Improv Jams to hundreds if not thousands of people every month. At this time I also did session work as the drummer for hard rock/metal band, The Shape (later known as Impuria).

    Personal reasons cited my return to Puerto Rico and provided me the opportunity to rejoin my previous bandmates from After Omega. We sought to branch out further in rock, to the realm of Melodic Death Metal with our group, Bastard Chain and have since signed with AlteRock Music. Our debut EP “HELLSPAWNED,” is presently being sold in North America, South America, Europe, the Caribbean, and Japan. The reputation we gained from our present and previous endeavors have given us the chance to play with noted local rock acts Pit Fight Demolition, Zafakon, Alas Negras, and The Mirage Theory. Recently we opened for german thrash metal legends, Destruction, during their North American Reckoning tour. We are currently working on our second EP and first full length album under our new name, and are scheduled to open for Brujeria later this summer as well as a Caribbean/East Coast US tour.

    My current cymbal setup consists of the following (similar to your artist, Matt McDonough):
    6″, 8″, 10″, and 12″ Splashes
    13″ and 15″ Hi Hats
    12″, 14″, 16″, and 18″ China’s
    14″, 16″, 18″ 19″ Crashes
    20″ and 21″ Rides
    7″ Bell

    I am certain that with your endorsement, I can promote and elevate your sales here in the Caribbean in a phenomenal way. I want to be THE representative for Alchemy Cymbals in this region of the globe, and with your blessing, I hope to do so. I wish to dedicate time and effort into giving back and paying forward the excellent quality and service that your cymbals have provided for me in the past. Please check me out at the following links:

    Band Site:

    Thank you for your time. I cant wait to hear from you.

    Jonathan Ortiz
    (aka “JonnyOz”)

  12. riccardo "valentz"Valenti

    Hi, I’m Valentz from Italy. I play drum for 10 years and I’m really interested into your cymbals because I like them a lot because I tryed them to my shopkeeper. I don’t have any endorsement and I hope you could be interested in me.
    I play in 3 metal bands with label and albums. I just come back from a 20days european tour and we’ll do another one in spring. I leave you all my contact, I have a curriculum to send if you give me an email address.




    Hi, my name is Hernan Burset, I would like to apply to be an endorser for Alchemy Cymbals.
    Attached is my CV and myspace for you to have a listen to my stuff.
    Many thanks
    Best regards

    Hernan Burset

    +54 911 4411 7951

    Hernan Burset was born in Buenos Aires in 1978.
    In 1990 he began studying drums as self-taught, while playing with several bands.
    The year after that, he started studying with Daniel Volpini.
    In 1992, along with other musicians, he formed the band Circe, which recorded their first album in 1996 and performed various important shows throughout the local circuit.
    In 1998, he is recruited by German Vilella from Los Rodriguez (one of the most popular bands in Iberoamerican rock history) playing more than 90 shows and taking part on a couple of studio recordings.
    In 2000 he started working as a drum teacher at both Saint Xavier and Buenos Aires High School, some of the oldest and best reputed in Argentina.
    During 2001, he becomes a member of Espinas, a rock band that records 2 albums and plays at some iconic venues in Buenos Aires, such as Hard Rock Cafe, The Cavern Club and Astral Theatre. By the end of the year he travels to Spain and tours for 6 months as a member of several orchestras, while living and teaching in Zaragoza.
    In 2002, back in Buenos Aires, he joins Willy Crook (a legendary Argentinean funk musician who supported James Brown), records a studio album with him, and shares stage with Argentinean icons such as Charly Garcia and Pappo.
    From 2005 to the present, he records on several albums by UK-based bands The Child and Deep River Running, and local bands such as Gabriel Carambula, Hijos de Babel (whose two albums have national rock pioneer Litto Nebbia as a session piano player on them) and Vinilo.
    In 2006 he worked with covers band Animo, whose repertoire included famous songs by Sting, Stevie Wonder, Joni Mitchel and The Beatles.
    At the present, he has finished the recording of The Child´s new EP and Martin Dominguez last album, while getting ready for upcoming tours for both projects. He is also teaching private drums lesson.

  15. Trevor Whitmire

    Hello. My name is Trevor Whitmire. I recently borrowed my friend’s TRX ALT crash cymbals, and pretty much became obsessed. I absolutely love TRX cymbals. I love the full sound they produce, and the absolutely unparalleled balance they present. Reasons to endorse/sponsor/help me out? I have been a “musician” for a little over 5 years, and in that time I have gained much respect for my ability to play drums, and I am also endorsed by DarkHorse Percussion. I have been playing drums for a little over 6 years, and I have been complimented frequently by seasoned drummers, and professional musicians for my progression in the amount of time I have played. The main reason I think it would be a gain for TRX, is because I can acquire the company a lot of promotion. I am in a band, and I do solo work, and studio work for various other bands and musicians. The band I play drums in is a Christian metal band called Save the Last. They have already had a lot of success in the local scene, and are about to start branching out on tours. I would absolutely love for TRX to help me out, and I KNOW that I can help add more recognition and respect to your already outstanding reputation as a company. Please E-mail me at if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you very much!

  16. Trevor Whitmire

    Hello. My name is Trevor Whitmire. I recently borrowed my friend’s Alchemy crash cymbals, and pretty much became obsessed. I absolutely love Alchemy cymbals. I love the full sound they produce, and the absolutely unparalleled balance they present. Reasons to endorse/sponsor/help me out? I have been a “musician” for a little over 5 years, and in that time I have gained much respect for my ability to play drums, and I am also endorsed by DarkHorse Percussion. I have been playing drums for a little over 6 years, and I have been complimented frequently by seasoned drummers, and professional musicians for my progression in the amount of time I have played. The main reason I think it would be a gain for Alchemy, is because I can acquire the company a lot of promotion. I am in a band, and I do solo work, and studio work for various other bands and musicians. The band I play drums in is a Christian metal band called Save the Last. They have already had a lot of success in the local scene, and are about to start branching out on tours. I would absolutely love for Alchemy to help me out, and I KNOW that I can help add more recognition and respect to your already outstanding reputation as a company. Please E-mail me if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you very much!

  17. heitor campos

    Hello how are you?
    “My name is Hector Campos but everyone knows me by Nino. I was born on April 18, 1988 in Vitoria, Espirito Santo, Brazil. I started studying drums at age 11 and did my first paid gig at 12, still with the first band he had formed. From then I never stopped!
    Since then I came evolving and learning, developing myself taking the maximum advantage of the projects that participated in different music styles, and having the opportunity to play with reputable names in and out of the Holy Spirit where today I am part of a band with potential to be the new National bet having played alongside bands like Paralamas do Sucesso, Colonial Furniture acajou, Gabriel the Thinker, Dudu Nobre, Carlos paper, Ze Maria, Alexandre Lima, Jorge Ben Jor and others.
    Manfredines’ll give the band the middle of 2010 here comes new goals lifting in and out of HS in June 2011 began to enter the market in Rio doing shows in some of the most successful houses in the river besides having his music performed on radio throughout parents especially in Rio, ES, SP and mg.
    Manfredines formed in 2005 in the old village ES, Brazil. is formed by the Manfredines Jr
    (Vocals and guitar), Hector (drums, vocals) Chris (guitar and vocals) and Rene (bass and vocals).
    also comes from a long work in marching band champion TERFINA whole country at various festivals including Brazilian champion for several times

    Congratulations to alchemy is without a doubt fantastic.
    in the month of April will write the first dvd of my band to manfredines (has a clip being worked on mtv and others on youtube)

    sorry if a lot of pretension on my part but I would like to join the family claiming an endorsement alchemy that time it was essential for my career to have a quality equipment to work

    Please answer me, even if negatively.
    I have already endorse the sticks and I’m in final negotiations with a German brand of battery

    thank you
    Our DVD will be recorded in April in the city of Rio de Janeiro in the footwall.

    My band is emerging thanks to God, we just released a video on MTV and we’re recording a new one that will have premiere on MTV in the month of March gravalo love with the dishes lol istanbul would be a real dream

    Last year we won the festival’s home secretary dish culture of ES CRJ FM and college radio.

    Three of our songs are being performed in Universitaria radios fm, City fm FM, Mix FM and Joven pam both the Holy Spirit and radios in Sao Paulo as the young pam and CENTRAL ROCK beyond the river of radio litoranea ratchet chick and one of the radios more history of the country.

    I would like to talk about the path taken in recent months here and the dates for 2012 and goals.
    Well this year 2011 I moved with my main project Manfredines the band for the State of Rio de Janeiro that had more to radios and televisions in the visibilty of the RIO, SP and ES greater visibility inside and outside our state.
    We did several shows throughout the state of Rio de Janeiro. It also shows in Sao Paulo, mines and even in ES.
    Two months behind opened a show for the band in ES mudguards for almost 40 thousand already have calendar marked with big bands to early this year that yielded large concerts and public visibility
    In January we have shows scheduled every Friday and Saturday Thursday thank God these shows in the river and ES.
    In February we will do eight shows in Argentina and the beginning of March we go to Europe with a project that takes capixabas bands touring France, Italy, England, Spain and Portugal.
    In January we now have pre-scheduled interviews on TV and radio and Internet ES mines SP Rio and Porto Alegre, where we show in late March.
    I would ask your help in this poor drummer who writes to you lol, because I am a great admirer of alchemy
    DES has very much obliged.
    Sincerely Hector Campos (nino)
    Mando also some of our clips (13,000 requests in less than 4 days) (01/05 of the state of rock downloaded during our 5) (highlighted on the site of a capital radio SP of our music being played in six different programs per day and only when the radio is still being played on FM radio in the city and the university here in ES) (our first video clip, which is also the site of MTV)

  18. José Assunção

    Hello, my name is José Assunção and I’m 17 years old.
    I’m from Coimbra, Portugal.

    I’m in a band called Marble Avenue, we’re a Pop Rock band with an EP out.
    We really want to grow up as a band and we’re going to try to get out of Portugal as soon as the album is out (2013).
    My drumming CV is nothing really big, I made a 11 gig tour with my band (3 weeks tour) in Portugal, I played with Prima Donna live during their 2011 European Tour here in Portugal.
    We’re growing more and more, but we’re not very big. But I thought I might try to get endorsed by your fantastic cymbals and start to spread the word doing covers on youtube with them and playing live!

    Video of me playing live :

    Facebook page of my band:

    Contact :

    Thank you for your time, José Assunção.

  19. Francesco Mirabelli

    Dear Lchemy co.,

    I’m Francesco Mirabelli, drummer from The Offenders
    (, 2toneska/powerpop band, based in Berlin, who’s touring
    constantly all over Europe (our label
    booking agency / (UK only).Our last album was out in
    october 2012

    I heard some samples of your cymbals model, and i was so amused that i
    decided immediately to drop you a line to become one of your endorser, if

    Hope you’ll consider my request.


    Francesco Mirabelli

    some of the last and next Offenders gigs

    14.09.2012 IT / Caramagna – L’altra Faccia Club
    15.09.2012 CH / Zurich – Molotov Club
    22.10.2012 BASQUE / Sare – Antifa Festival
    16.11.2012 GR Xanthi – Ano Kato
    17.11.2012 GR Larissa – Stage Club
    18.11.2012 GR Thesaloniki – Fuzz bar
    23.11.2012 RUS Moscow – Plan B
    24.11.2012 RUS Saint Petersburg – Dushe Club
    30.11.2012 D / Rastatt / Artcan Robert
    01.12.2012 D / Bamberg / Sounds’n’Arts
    07.12.2012 D / Stuttgart / Goldmarks
    08.12.2012 D / Lörrach / SAK w/ Maladro!ts
    14.12.2012 D / Essen / Panic Room
    15.12.2012 D / Braunschweig / Nexus

    25.12.2012 D /Chemnitz / AJZ Talschock

    26.12.2012 D / Hof / Alter Bahnhof
    28.12.2012 D / München / Feierwerk
    29.12.2012 D / Berlin / Clash w/ Redska
    26.01.2013 UK Maze – Nottingham
    more UK 27.01.2013 – 03.02.2013 dates soon…
    02.03.2013 D / Düsseldorf / Linkes Zentrum Hinterhof

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