ALCHEMY AGOP warranty covers material and craftsmanship for all series and provides for a free replacement of detective cymbals for one year from the date of purchase. ALCHEMY AGOP requires that all cymbals for warranty replacement be returned to your local dealer/store that you purchased them from. The dealer /store will, in turn, contact its distributor for review and replacement, Quality is the most important thing for us as our cymbals gained this big success and reputation by your supports and we use these opportunities to control the manufacture of the cymbal in question to improve the quality to its highest levels. A cymbal will not be replaced under the conditions below:

If more than one year has passed since the date of purchase (Please enclose a copy of your original purchase receipt with your return cymbal to determine the warranty period.

If it has been previously replaced.
If it has been bought second hand.
If it has been used in a lease program.
If it has been treated badly, dropped for played with extreme force.

Please contact your national distributors for further information….

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