Alchemy Cymbals

Alchemy is a new approach for the cymbal world. The process used in producing these cymbals is different than Istanbul Agop cymbals. Alchemy cymbals start off with the ISTANBUL AGOP secret alloy, but are done with the addition of some different materials – metals that make the cymbals stronger and much more cutting. This creates the unique Alchemy sound.

The profile, created by hand – not with a pressing machine, is a difficult process. By giving the shape by hand, the Istanbul cymbal smiths control the profile for a full-bodied sound in a cutting and bright cymbal which they believe is hard to find anywhere else in today’s cymbal market.

The lathing opens the sound of the cymbal, the machine and the tools used for the lathing process of Alchemy cymbals make them roar! A unique double lathing process is used for Alchemy cymbals exclusively. The hand hammering techniques which is same for all Istanbul models is then applied with different hammer types to give the Alchemy cymbals their special sound and touch. The amazing appearance completes the uniqueness of Alchemy cymbals.

Regular: The shape is the standard cymbal shape and a tiny heavier that the Sweets.

Sweet: The thinnest line of Alchemy, they are lathed much more tightly, and they have a flatter body to produce a deeper and full bodied sound.

Rock: Higher in profile, heavier than the regulars.

Power: Similar to the Rock. The natural and the lathed parts make them sound stronger, the profiles are very identical to ROCK.

Raw: Natural finish, not lathed and sound drier, because of the polishing they became higher pitched.

Rock custom: The heaviest of the line and the profile is a tiny bounded for providing a higher pitch.

Power X: Extreme weights and new unique hammering and lathing, designed with the loudest players in mind!

Istanbul Agop is proud to celebrate the 28th year of cymbal making.

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8 thoughts on “Alchemy Cymbals

  1. Edward Goncharov

    Our company deals with installation of professional sound and lighting equipment, sound recording, as well as selling of professional musical instruments. We are branching out by creating online stores and distributing international brands of professional musical instruments in the Russian Federation. The aim is to build a brand-name online store IstanbulAgop and Alchemycymbals, presenting the goods of only one brand.
    Please reply to the letter, the kind of person I could talk about a possible collaboration?
    sorry for my wrong English

    Best regards, Ed Goncharov

  2. Martyn

    HI, greetings from Ecuador.

    I was especting to ask you, if you can tell me if the cymbals used by t.A.T.u’s drummer Steve Wilson are made for you.

    They sound pretty cool.

    Thanks Bye

  3. Mats Drums

    Please send me dealership info and call @ 724 -266-6343
    Mars Drumshop 1415 Merchant St. Albright ,Pa. 15003

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  5. Ryan 'Trickz' Thomas


    I am a Sonor endorsed drummer, looking for a new cymbal company to get in talks with. Your company sounds like just the right company for me.

    I am also drummer and musical director for Atlantic Records artist Mz Bratt > <

    Can you send me an email with a contact email address for your company.

    Thank You ,

    Best regards…

  6. aaron deitz

    dear alchemy,
    i am very interested in endorsing this line of cymbals and would like to speak with someone in artist relations. please contact me at 321-698-6383,thank you for your time.
    aaron deitz (who was i)

  7. Corbin Bentley

    Hi there I just saw your video and I am quite impressed with your cymbals. I was wondering if I could get a price quote. E-mail me anytime, I check it every day. Thank you.

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